Design and Engineering


We believe that a character’s interior design should be as perfect as its exterior. That’s why every Animax character is specifically engineered for optimum functionality, quality, and durability. Our Design & Engineering team excels at innovative mechanical design techniques; from Solidworks CAD modeling, digital surface development, 3D printed maquettes and CNC tooling, engineering analysis, and quality control testing. You can feel comfortable knowing you will receive a world-class design every time. You will find below some examples of our expertise in cutting-edge technology utilization. This technology allows us to achieve near-perfect IP realism while staying on budget.


Jet Fusion 3D Printing Technology


Utilizing the latest in 3D printing technology allows us to achieve near-perfect IP realism, weight reduction, and time/cost efficiency. Printing our parts in-house allows us to maintain tolerances unsurpassed in our industry. This also keeps our production costs down and better manage budgets to obtaining absolute IP realism without adding weight and sacrificing strength.


FARO Design ScanArm


Achieving IP realism is something we pride ourselves in. One way that we do this is by utilizing the latest scanning technology to create 3D CAD Design Models. This technology gives us the ability to achieve life-like detail and cut down on production time.


CNC Routing


Precision and attention to detail are ingrained into who we are as a company. Our work requires us to meet tolerances with the utmost precision and we achieve this by utilizing only the latest in CNC 3 and 5-axis technology with accuracy +/- .001 of an inch. Not only does having this technology at our fingertips cut down our production times, it allows us to maintain the precision and detail that our customers value.