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About Animax Designs


In November of 1989, Animax Designs began with a simple mission: to create extraordinary three-dimensional characters with artistic integrity and cutting edge technology. Our clients expect nothing but the best as they rely on us to expertly infuse life, beauty and movement into their characters. Twenty-nine years later that mission and our commitment to our clients remain our highest priority.

Serving some of the largest operators in the world, Animax Designs transforms your ideas into dynamic and engaging character experiences that delight and entertain audiences in the themed entertainment, life attractions, location-based entertainment, commercial, film, and television industries.

We bring unparalleled design, leading-edge technology and superior craftsmanship to every aspect of our work, including intelligent animatronic and interactive characters, animated costumes, and puppets, delivering the highest quality product on time and on budget.

We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our work and range of capabilities. Now let us put our experience to work for you!


What we do


Concept & Development

We provide full service creative concept design to bring your vision to life. Already know how you want your character to look and to function? We’ll use our expertise in 2D concept design, digital sculpting, and real-time walk through animatics to bring your characters and their worlds to life before your eyes. Vague on the details? We’ll develop multiple concepts until you get exactly what you want. With our experience, we will help you develop the perfect concept to match your scope and vision.


Design & Engineering

We believe that a character’s interior design should be as perfect as its exterior. That’s why every Animax character is specifically engineered for optimum functionality, quality, and durability. Our Design & Engineering team excels at innovative mechanical design techniques; from Solidworks CAD modeling, digital surface development, 3D printed maquettes and CNC tooling, engineering analysis, and quality control testing. You can feel comfortable knowing you will receive a world-class design every time.


Sculpting & Fabrication

Your characters are safe in our artists’ hands. Whether it’s a digital or traditional sculpture, a pattern with invisible seams, a flexible silicone or urethane skin system, a masterfully airbrushed or intrinsic paint design, or hand-punched hair and fur, you will be blown away at how well your characters have been realized. Truly original and “on-model” styling, meticulous fabrication, and attention to every last detail. That is the signature of Animax Designs!

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Our Work


Our People

With over 145 employees spanning over 12 departments in an 80,000+ sq. ft. facility, we have both the space and manpower to match our industry-leading expertise.