TEA NextGen Visits Animax Designs

As a member of the Themed Entertainment Association, we strive to make leaps and bounds to better our industry. Exposing the next generation to the incredible opportunities that our industry can afford them is one of the many efforts we’ve made to attract new talent. Having hosted over 20 interns that have made positive impacts during their time with us, we have experienced just how valuable the next generation of creators, artists, and innovators have on the themed entertainment industry.


Animax Designs recently invited TEA NextGen members from Vanderbilt University to visit our shop to not only learn about Animax Designs as a company but to learn about the career opportunities in our industry. “Our chapter touring Animax Designs was to show all the various skills and talents that are needed in this industry. If you have an interest in this field, it is likely that there is a place for you in any company in Themed Entertainment,” said Chapter President and Engineering Student, Bryce Beddard. The future of our industry is the next generation and something as simple as a shop tour is what it takes to attract new talent. For many of the attendees, touring Animax Designs was their first ever exposure to the themed entertainment industry and immediately captured their interest. “They were fascinated to see the opportunities and were eager to learn more,” said Beddard.


Across the nation there are university-based NextGen chapters like the one at Vanderbilt University that expose college students to  themed entertainment by hosting weekly meetings and connecting students to opportunities. “Being a part of TEA has connected me with industry professionals. By receiving a scholarship to TEA SATE in Orlando last fall, I had the opportunity to network with other TEA NextGen members and industry professionals in every aspect of the attraction design and construction process,” said Beddard. 

For more information on the NextGen program or becoming a member of TEA, go to www.teaconnect.org/NextGen

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